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(5 Min) PODCAST: America's New Factories of Hate

(5 Min) PODCAST: America's New Factories of Hate

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For decades now, our tax dollars and private donations have financed secondary and university systems that steep students in an advanced curriculum of hate.

Students, especially at the college and university levels, are being taught to hate America, hate themselves, and hate the things of God.

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I'm Jim McCraigh…

Without being schooled in the disciplines of discernment, students leave these so-called institutions of higher learning more ignorant and bigoted than when they first enrolled.

College students are supposedly America's best and brightest people, yet when they graduate, most will have no grasp of American history, civics, or critical thinking.

Instead, they're taught that America is a systemically racist, oppressive, patriarchal society that is destroying the planet.

It's no surprise that many of today's college students who are 60% women, have no respect for this country.

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With few exceptions, students are brainwashed into believing they should be guilty of being born white, and there is nothing they can do to overcome or repent of it.

The concept of white supremacy is deeply embedded throughout America's educational system, and as a result, students begin to hate who they are and don't see themselves as created in the image and likeness of God.

At the founding of our country, Bible-based education at the college level was the norm. Now, 90% of college professors and administrators are liberal agenda pushers.

These leftist professors and administrators take advantage of their positions of authority to deceive students into becoming brainwashed little clones who are encouraged to hate the things of God as much as they do.

This has been revealed in the most transparent way possible when it comes to God's chosen people, the nation of Israel.

Many of the same professors who pride themselves on their tolerance and compassion are supporting Hamas.

This terrorist organization has been engaged in the murder of both Jews and Palestinians for years.

The same people who are so quick to call for safe spaces have done painfully little to support Jewish students.

This collegiate celebration of violence and terrorism exposes the moral bankruptcy of America's higher education system.

Hamas teaches Palestinian children that rape and murder are justified.

How damning is it that many American students now believe the same thing?

One does not need to look far to find out where these anti-Semitic students get their brain-dead ideas.

Faculty members at once exemplary universities like Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and Cornell are coming out against Jews and even Jewish students on their own campuses.

Last week an instructor at Stanford University directed Jewish students to stand in a corner teaching them that Israel was worse than Nazi Germany.

An associate professor at Yale posted a tweet trying to justify the massacre of Israeli civilians.

One Cornell professor called the terrorist attacks exhilarating.

Why is it, that when teachers are calling for the death and destruction of Jews, these institutions are the ones that employ diversity, equity, and inclusion officers to ensure the rights of racial and ethnic minorities do nothing except issue mealy-mouthed public statements?

What we are now seeing is the toxic outcome of liberal progressivism in higher education infecting many in their student bodies.

At Cornell University, for example, one social media post called Jewish students rats and said, “If you see a Jewish person on campus, follow them home and slit their throats”.

Another post from a Cornell student read, “We're going to shoot up Cornell's kosher and multicultural dining room”.

The average cost of attending Cornell University is $83,296 per academic year or over one-third of a million dollars for a four-year degree in stupidity.

Cornell is not alone in this.

Hatred of Jews is manifesting itself across campuses nationwide.

Few, if any of these professors or their students, have any understanding whatsoever that the Jewish State of Israel exists to represent the ultimate redemptive plan of God for the sake of all humanity.

The losers in this are not only the students at these garbage dump schools but the rest of America when these so-called elite students will one day be running our government, corporations, and yes, our schools.

It all brings to mind a parable found in Chapter 6 of the Gospel of Luke.

“Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they both not fall into a pit? A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like this teacher”.

Until next time, I'm Jim McCraigh.


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