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Part III



"Reasons To Be Cheerful"

~ Ian Dury

"Cheerfulness helps to preserve health, creates good looks and invites friendship.

It is easy to suppose that some people are born cheerful and others pessimistic.

But, in fact, temperament is by no means entirely what we were born with."

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Jim, thanks for detailing the problem. If you don't identity a problem you can't possibly solve it. The church part is the most evil.

Eric Metaxas wrote a book about Dietrich Bonhoeffer a minister who resisted Hitler and died for it.

He wrote a book I have only heard about and not seen called "Letter to the American Church" is about the alarming similarities between the American Church and the German Church in the 1930s.

History repeating itself?

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Nov 19, 2022Liked by Jim McCraigh

It is not about democrats or republicans; it is about the evil intent of man's hearts. Many who are claiming they are against abortion is just playing the political game. And there are a few who are real about their stance but are clueless to what is happening right before them because they are distracted by the illusions. God is showing the world what America is all about. Nevertheless, just like it was in the Bible days it is today. God has a remnant that has not and will not bow to Baal. And He has prayer warriors who are on the wall and will not come down. I feel your heart, thanks for the post.

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I might add the voting machines to the mix along with the Uniparty headed by Mitch "the turtle". The Uniparty faction of the party backed De Santis in a campaign that was no contest while other candidates were starved out. So many variables it is hard to explain. You made a noble effort here, as good as any I have seen.

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I’m sorry, but I am so sick and tired of posts like this. We know things aren’t great–everything I read here is no shocking surprise. But all this “awareness” is doing is leaving us with gloom and doom and hopelessness, and that’s exactly what the desired outcome is. If you’re going to tell me the problem, don’t just tell me the problem. What can I DO about it? What are YOU doing about it? God does not call us to live this way, in fear and contempt, but by faith and with joy. Obviously the world is going to go to hell in a hand basket because it’s a sinful place and is dying. The Bible has always told us this, we’ve always known it, and now we’re acting all awed and surprised that it’s going on? If this is how we are acting, it’s not a wonder people don’t want to hear the Good News. They’re thinking that if it were good enough, those who had it wouldn’t be living as if they didn’t. Jesus has already overcome the world–THAT is where our focus should be.

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The democratic system is broken (Pfucked) and it's now too late to fix it!

I HEREBY REJECT the G20 HUMAN 'Cattle tagging' mandate! I also reject the WEF & all persons remotely associated with it!

Licencing POISONS called 'VACCINES' justifies enormous profits from a deadly 'medicine' that's made by Pharmacists with NO MORALS and NO 'LIABILITY!" It also teases us into thinking we're lucky to be offered such wonderful cures (that are no more than DEPOPULATION). Absolute nonsense!

When I travel, I now worry that the oncoming driver might have been over jabbed with poison and pass out! Also, when on a plane I hope they're now using an EXTRA CO-PILOT in case SADS or Myocarditis crops up! More likely as each jab increases the potential of both calamities.

Today I donned my weekly grocery shopping uniform which includes a Bright yellow Tee-Shirt with 'Covid UnVAXXED - WE LIVE LONGER' (front) and 'Covid Unvaxxed CLUB' on the back.

I passed a Covid Vax Centre, now better known as an 'Extermination Centre' for the unknowing masses. Or perhaps, 'the showers' like in WW2.

At Reception I was asked "Have you come for your booster?"

I asked if they had any information on Vax Injuries & Vax related Deaths. I was given a Pfizer brochure that downplayed everything detrimental to their highly profitable POISON.

This proved that Informed Consent No Longer EXISTS and that the medical Hippocratic Oath to "DO NO HARM" no longer applies in the UK.

After being noticed by a few Lemmings I left feeling I had managed to get my message across to at least a few intended victims of the World Depopulation Program.

LIABILITY must be reintroduced for Vax makers = COMMON SENSE.

Then this farce will end suddenly, Pfizer will be BANKRUPT and life will get back to normal!

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Montana struck down the proposed Born Alive proposition not to let babies “die on the table”, quite the opposite. It allows families and doctors to decide allow babies born with fatal conditions to die peacefully in the arms of their mothers and fathers, rather than on a table, surrounded by strangers under bright lights, suffering futile medical treatment in their final moments.

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Nov 18, 2022Liked by Jim McCraigh

We have “Wolves in Sheep Clothing” problem. From Politicians (Dem & Republican), Clergy (most religions), Media, Big Tech, Global Corporations, Healthcare Establishment, Education, to Globalist Elites. The People are fed Lies from every direction, 24/7. Without actively seeking out alternative information sources, most People succumb to the Lies and become sheep. Without strong Family and Spirituality, sheep are easily herded by the Wolves. So, the sheep vote to keep the Wolves in Power and there is no outrage when blatant Election Fraud is committed in the open.

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Nov 18, 2022Liked by Jim McCraigh

Just Found You, From A Thoughtful Friend.

Thank you.

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Thank you, Jim. I have been consciously aware that an overwhelming surge of first-time voters favored the Democratic Party. Furthermore, the overturning of Roe. v. Wade infuriated a significant proportion of the country, and they voted accordingly. The GOP will need to persuade and win over members of Generation Z and rebuild a party future generations can respect and push forward.

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Nov 18, 2022Liked by Jim McCraigh

I'm deeply sickened, to watch the manifestation of absolute wickedness we used to call sin parading itself as the ultimate freedom. We are doomed if we don't take action now.

Many a Christian has fallen a sleep, simply because our nations so called Preachers, it is disgusting to say the least.

We need to keep praying for this America. Ultimately it is up to the parents to ready their children for the Godless indoctrination that lies before them. Educate them early and continually as you guide them through each stage of their precious lives.

I have so much to say on this subject, I have talked to numerous Preachers about this very subject, and they all nod their head in agreement, and do and say nothing about it.

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You could not have ended your essay with a better reference than Romans 1:28.. Nothing described Amerika circa 2022 better than that. Other Christians reading this might be reminded to read Revelation 3:14–22.

The Western World has fallen into the Laodicean church age and those who still bother to attend church services seem to be either interested in a social hour (complete with Cappuccino machines) or a rock and roll show with attendance taken 2/3 of the way through.

Some Americans retain the faith of their fathers and some praise the freedoms our government has retained for us. Most can see the signs of the end of an empire and the degradation and corruption of a religion.

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You have nailed it. Good work. Thank you.

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