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It is hard to keep up with the National Socialist Democrat lunacy now being forced on us by Biden and the rest of his party now in charge.

JFK was the last competent Democrat President we had and he was in many ways more Conservative than George W Bush and Donald Trump.

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Another scholarly work by you Jim! Sadly, such writhing is considered hate speech by the pickled brain folk. But that is expected as we know the Word tells us that to proclaim the truth will be a target of the evil one.

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Great post with astute observations. Researching my essay, it was sobering to realize the subtle and insidious way religion was removed and demonized in America by the Supreme Court, which no doubt had an effect on these poor confused and disturbed souls.

Your comments on how literally stupid they are. My wife found a satirical comedy movie called, "Idiocracy", can find it on " Freevee". Intelligent " people today don't have kids because of global warming, etc. The lower intelligent reproduce like rabbits. 500 years into the future the world is populated with idiots live with piles of garbage and can't figure out if you don't water crops they won't grow!

Looks like we are heading full speed in that direction!!!

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Something to think about, and whole lot of praying.

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Like Amy said, this was BRILLIANTLY WRITTEN.

It is hard not to believe we are in the End Times. I am nearly 74 years old and I have never imagined this before. The "Christian" church has descended to a cultlike status and the Pope seems to approve of abortion.

Amerika's best hope is that, like Hank Johnson wondered about Guam sinking into the ocean, America will follow the example of Atlantis and sink under the weight of Generation Z.

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Brilliantly written, Jim! Unfortunately, I agree with your assessment. Our civilization is not sustainable. Our current situation could be the movie trailer for what Jesus predicted over 2,000 years ago when he said, "in the last days..."

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